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Each and every Summer and Fall, we are confronted with the possibility of a hurricane impacting our Keys.  While we always hope for the best,  experience tells us we must prepare for the worst. 

We are dedicated to providing you with the supplies you will need to prepare for an approaching storm, and the supplies you will need to clean up should we be impacted.

Feel free to print this partial list of needed items and bring it with you to our store.  We will help you to check off each item, and offer our experience in assisting your shopping.

O Extra Mooring and Dock Lines

O Duct and Masking Tape

O Tarps and Plastic Sheeting

O Cordless Drill

O Heavy Duty Extension Cords

O Hammer

O Nails, Screws

O Calk and Caulking Gun

O Storm Panel Hardware

O Wingnut Driver

O Ladder

O Flashlights and Lanterns

O Battery Operated Radio

O Batteries

O First Aid Kit

O Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

O Camera

O Fire Extinguisher

These are just a few of the items you will need before and after a storm. Make a plan, be prepared. Beat the rush and stock up ahead of time!


Of course, we all hope for a quiet storm season, but know if one comes along,  we will be here for you!

Hurricane Supply Checklist

O Axes, Handsaws, and Pruners

O Shovels and Rakes

O Chainsaw

O Wheelbarrow

O Wrecking and Crow Bars

O Work Gloves

O Eye Protection

O Brooms and Mops

O Buckets and Sponges

O Trash Bags

O Bagster

O Cleaners and Disinfectants

O Bleach

O Rubber Gloves

O Scrub Brushes

O Manual Can Opener

O Coolers

O Grill or Camp Stove

O Propane or Stove Gas

O Butane Lighter

O Tie Downs, Bungee, Rope,

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